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Young monstera deliciosa plant
Young monstera deliciosa plant
Young monstera deliciosa plant detail
Young monstera deliciosa plant in medium terracotta planter
Young monstera deliciosa plant leaf detail

Young Monstera Deliciosa plant

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Who doesn't love a good swiss cheese plant? These cute little monstera deliciosa plants are super unusual in that they've yet to get a split leaf. They are already reasonably sized but still manageable and the excitement of waiting for that first split leaf cannot be beaten (in fact, please let us share in it and tag us on your instagram posts when those first ones start appearing!)

We thought it looked mighty fine in the medium terracotta planter - what do you think. (Side note - does anything NOT look good in that planter?!)

These guys are jungle plants so try and give them a jungle environment - moist soil (and air via an plant spray) but no puddles for their roots to sit in. They like to be warm and have good light but never direct sunlight as that tends to make their leaves look rubbish. This guy will need support as it grows - it likes to grow up trees in its natural habitat!


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