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Wide wood store
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Wide wood store in autumn
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Wide log store

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This sizeable log store helps you make sure your logs are always dry and ready to use.

ade from spruce and with a slanted roof, it's the perfect home for your winter's supply of logs, making sure that wood is kept in prime condition ready for burning. Its slatted sides and floor will keep the air flowing around stacked logs to help dry them out.

Perfect weatherproof storage to protect winter logs, ready for carrying in to stoke the log burner or open fire. This Log Store is built to last and designed to be completely weatherproof, ensuring that your wood supply is organised, dry and protected at all times

The log store will require some self-assembly and it also is not treated in any way. You can use clear wood sealant on it or paint it in a colour of your choosing using specialist outdoor paint.  

We recommend positioning this item in a sheltered area to prolong its life

 Materials Wood (spruce)
W150 x H143 x D70cm


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