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Variegated string of hearts plant


A more unusual variety of the ceropegia woodii, this variegated version can be tricky to get your hands on. The white and pinkish leaves look stunning when they trickle down a drawer or a bookshelf. Weve found ourselves zoning out completely while watching the leaves as they go through pink and white and green and almost brown. Its like you get a Scandiesque friend and mindfulness coach all in one. 


The ceropegia woodii can happily withstand direct sunshine for a few hours a day but likes a bright spot as a general rule. 

It looks and behaves a lot like a succulent but will need more regular watering in the summer and only when the potting mix is dry to touch in the winter. A good way to tell if it's thirsty is by looking at the leaves - if they appear crinkled, the plant will need a drink.


  • Live plant in soil
  • The length of the strands varies but is at least 10 cm
  • The pot diameter is  either 8 cm or 10 cm, depending on your size selection

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Monstera deliciosa

Look after me

Water, air, food and sunlight is what plants need to survive - just like us humans. Unlike us, they can't tell you what they need and when but fret not, each plant comes with a beautiful keepsake care card giving you all the information you need to look after your new addition.