String of pearls

If we got to name these we’d call them beads of joy, instead or string of pearls or senecio rowleyanus (this particular variety is called senecio "teardrop"). There’s something about these pea-like living garlands that just makes you want to smile and squeal. Maybe because the green pearls can make even an old rusty tin of cat food look good. So imagine how good they’ll look in your kitchen window or living room ceiling. Both minimalistic and adorable, your Scandi-styled home will salute you.

The pretty beads actually store water, so it rarely needs a drink or any attention whatsoever. Keep it bright and sunny, keep smiling, read the care card and prepare to live happily ever after with your beads of joy.


  • Dimensions: height approximately 10cm (including plastic pot),
  • Pot diameter is 10 cm