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snake plant
Snake plant detail
Snake plant detail
Snake plant in medium geometric pot
Snake plant in medium terracotta pot
Snake plant in medium terracotta pot

Sansevieria trifasciata

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The snake plant, or mother-in-laws-tongue, is famous for being indestructible and this variety is particularly lush with it's winding leaves. These plants are just beautiful and according to NASA they are one of the best air purifying plants you could have around. They clean the air and release oxygen at night.

They look gorgeous in our medium geometric plant pots and in our medium aged terracotta plant pot.

They are happiest in indirect bright light but will put up with almost any light conditions (obviously complete darkness won't work for long!) and need very little water. Try not to get any on their leaves when you give it a drink and you should be just fine.

  • Height of the plant varies but is about 50 cm. The pot diameter  is 14 cm

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