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Plantsmith houseplant mist spray

A must for tropical, leafy plants, this clever mist spray will keep your pretties happy. 

The perfecting houseplant care mist creates an ideal humid atmosphere and contains kelp extract and humic acid to stimulate plant growth as well as lavender and avocado oils to deter pests.

Simply mist this on the leaves and compost two- three times a week, all year round, and you'll soon get a thank you from your plants. Do avoid spraying on any flowers though as they don't tend to like this.

For added oompfh, combine the misting with a good feed and you'll be living in a jungle in no time.


  • Contains 17 essential ingredients to boost plant health
  • Includes lavender and avocado oils to deter pests 
  • Kelp extract and humic acid stimulates growth
  • Suitable for most houseplants and succulents
  • 500ml bottle
  • The packaging is recycled and recyclable, the bottles are made of glass.
  • The spray bottles can easily be refilled