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Plantsmith houseplant food

Although our lovely plants come in compost, the nutrients in these are quickly used up as plants grow and they rely on their new owners to stay happy and fed. This fortifying houseplant tonic contains 13 key nutrients to keep your plant babies happy and growing so you get to enjoy lush new foliage.

Feed regularly during the growing season (March to September), adding feed to every second watering session. 

For added oompfh, combine the feed with a good misting regime and you'll be living in a jungle in no time.


  • Contains 13 essential nutrients to boost plant health
  • Includes potassium,magnesium and iron for strong, glossy leaves.
  • Kelp extract to stimulate growth
  • Suitable for most houseplants and succulents
  • 500 ml bottle
  • The packaging is recycled and recyclable, the bottles are made of glass.
  • The spray bottles can be refilled