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Self-watering origami planter

Light Blue

This plant pot is a total game-changer. Made from 100% recycled materials, it is flat-packed to have the smallest carbon footprint possible during transit.

The clever wick system means they allow plants to self-regulate their water intake using tried and tested wicking technology. The water moves quite fast along the wick so these pots are more suited to plants that like their soil wet - think prayer plants, calatheas and philodendrons. We do not recommend these for succulents.

As they're semi-transparent, you can easily see when the water reservoir at the base of the planter is depleted so you'll know to fill it (you usually have about two weeks between needing to refill so no more worrying about going on holiday). 

POTR Pots are incredibly simple to assemble using the quick draw cotton cord, transforming the flat pattern into a beautiful multi-faceted pot and you can find a detailed video showing how to do this here.

These pots fit plants in 9cm or 10cm planters. 

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Our plants are chosen with care to be extremely easy to look after whilst providing your home with the touches of nature our souls crave.

Each plant comes with a care card so you always know how to look after your new green companions.