Mini succulent

Are you a crazy succulent lover? Do you love tiny things?

Congratulations, you’ve just died and come to heaven. Get one, two or thirty-five and let’s get the invasion started. To help you do that, we're offering a three for two deal on these cuties!

These graphic beauties work great with Scandi design and especially if you get a bunch with different shapes and sizes. If you buy more than one we’ll make sure that they all look different. We send them all out as random, a bit like a succulent tombola with a guaranteed win.


The succulents can withstand direct sunshine for a few hours a day but like a bright spot as a general rule. You'll know when they're getting too much light as the leaves will start turning reddish. 

They need more regular watering in the summer and only when the potting mix is dry to touch in the winter. A good way to tell if it's thirsty is by looking at the leaves - if they appear crinkled, the plant will need a drink.


  • Live plant in cactus soil in a plastic pot
  • Height of the plants varies but is no less than 5 cm.
  • The pot diameter is 5.5 cm