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Pilea peperomioides in small geometric concrete pot
Pilea peperomioides top
Pilea peperomioides in kitty hanging planter
Pilea peperomioides in sleepy hanging planter

Little pilea peperomioides (Chinese money plant)

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This little heartthrob is trending all over Scandinavia where it’s made its way into many homes and Instagram feeds. It was first brought back from China by a Norwegian missionary and quickly started spreading among friends because it’s so easy to propagate. Cuttings are still seen as the perfect gift for dinners parties – a trend that will hopefully find its way here too.

Needless to say, this green little cutie will be the icing on the cake in any Scandi-styled home. It looks great hanging down in a kitty planter or a sleepy planter or why not try a concrete pot on your bedside table. It loves a good shower but prefers to be dry in between, our care card helps you keep it thriving.

Plant babies are amazing, but if you’re impatient or just a bit fed up with tending to green babies we also got bigger ones here.

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