Golden pothos "Marble queen"

The stunning white variegation (that's the white patterns on the leaves to you and me) is strong in this one! Keep it in a bright spot and it will keep rewarding you with more of the white goodness. 

These grow super fast and are fairly relaxed about how you treat them. As a bonus, they're super easy to propagate from cuttings in water so you can share the plant love with your friends in a little while too!

Even though it likes to party it also likes to hold its drink so avoid overwatering it. Your plant queen will make do in lowish light but lives for the bright indirect limelight. The care card helps you keep those leaves luminous.

Please note - this will come with a care card for the Neon pothos but follow the instructions and your plant pretty will reward you with a cascade of gorgeous leaves.


  • Live plant in houseplant soil in a plastic pot
  • Length of the plants varies.
  • The pot diameter is 10.5 cm