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Geometric vessels


You can make a real statement with these stunning vessels that are both gorgeous and sustainable. They are also extremely pleasant to hold in your hand - the shape is just incredibly satisfying in it's thingness (technical term). 

They work most wonderfully as pots for the mini succulents and mini cacti but can also be used as pencil holders or as a vase for tiny flowers. As they are handmade, no two will ever be exactly the same which further adds to their charm.

Priormade is a small workshop in Bristol where Rebecca Prior makes contemporary homewares, lighting and accessories using a range of sustainable, low impact and recycled materials. All products are individually handmade, using the most sustainable materials possible without sacrificing the design or quality of the pieces along the way.


  • Materials: Sustainable and responsibly sourced plywood laminated with water-based adhesive finished with hard wax oil. Recycled stainless steel insert.
  • Dimensions of the base:  9 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm

    Add a plant

    Our plants are chosen with care to be extremely easy to look after whilst providing your home with the touches of nature our souls crave.

    Each plant comes with a care card so you always know how to look after your new green companions.