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Crushed whelk shells

These clever little shells are so multifunctional, it's very hard to believe they are a product made from something that used to go to waste disposal! 

The repurposed crushed and washed whelk shells from Shell on Earth are really good for mixing into the soil or compost to improve drainage. We've also been using them to top-dress plants as not only do they look great, the shells actually provide a good barrier to prevent those pesky little flies that seem to come around every now and then.

Just remember to pour slowly and gently when watering the plants so the soil stays snug under them.

Great for cacti, succulents and most houseplants.


  • The hand-tied bag contains 3.75 kg of washed and dried crushed shells
  • This is a natural product from the sea. Shell on Earth do their best to remove foreign material
  • This product contains to the circular economy model within the shellfish industry and is 100% sustainable