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Chubby pot


These elegant pots definitely make a statement wherever you put them. The minimalist design combined with sustainable materials means you can't go wrong with these pots. 

They look great with our medium-sized succulents but provide even more of a statement when paired with the long trailing stems of the Dischidia Geri.

Each item is handmade with care but small irregularities such as air bubbles may occur, making each piece unique.

AdeleWDesign was created by Adele Woodward, a designer/maker from Midlands, UK. She works predominantly with jesmonite (a water- based acrylic cementitious composite) which is a relatively new material that is sustainable and also provides longevity to the products created from it. 

In her designs, Adele is inspired by the Bauhaus movement and the elegance of this shows clearly through in all of her products.


  • Materials: Jesmonitefinished with a penetrating sealant making it water resistant and protected from stains
  • Dimensions of the base:  10 cm x 10 cm 

    Add a plant

    Our plants are chosen with care to be extremely easy to look after whilst providing your home with the touches of nature our souls crave.

    Each plant comes with a care card so you always know how to look after your new green companions.