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Calathea Freddie

This glorious boy has lovely light green long narrow leaves patterned with dark green feathery lines. It's one  of the easiest calathea types to look after and is rumoured to flower indoors quite easily with white flowers that bloom in clusters. A true beauty, this gorgeous plant moves throughout the day as all prayer plants do - opening up for a full display during the day and tidying itself up for the night.


Keep it in the limelight but stay away from direct sunlight that can harm it's pretty leaves. It likes it warm and tropical and always appreciates a good misting.


  • Live plant in houseplant soil in a plastic pot
  • Height of the plants varies but is no less than 20 cm.
  • The pot diameter is 8 cm

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Monstera deliciosa

Look after me

Water, air, food and sunlight is what plants need to survive - just like us humans. Unlike us, they can't tell you what they need and when but fret not, each plant comes with a beautiful keepsake care card giving you all the information you need to look after your new addition.