Aloe vera plant

This speckled beaut (aloe barbadensis) isn’t only gorgeous – it also got healing powers! Yes, we’re talking about that lovely cool aloe vera gel that’s great for sunburnt and dry skin. Just snap off one of the leaves and squeeze.

Besides healing you, your aloe vera will bring your windowsill to a whole new level of stylish. 


Aloe Vera can easily do with a little neglect, as long as you place it in a bright spot. It will thank you for a proper watering about every two weeks, and for keeping the pot dry in between.This beauty loves a bright spot with indirect sunlight and, as all other succulents, does not like to sit in water. 


  • Live plant in houseplant soil in a plastic pot
  • Height of the plant varies but is no less than 25 cm.
  • The pot diameter is 12 cm