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About us

Scandiscapes started as a discussion in a popular Scandi and mid-century modern Facebook group. Some of us were finishing decorating our indoor spaces and starting to look outside.

We found two problems with this:

  1. We weren’t exactly sure we knew what Scandinavian outdoor spaces looked like
  2. It was incredibly difficult to source garden equipment that looked the part

We set up the Scandiscapes Facebook group to share inspiration and ideas as well as high street finds that fitted our love of greenery whilst not offending our sense of style. Over time, we realised how frustratingly hard it is to find garden things that are not twee, which is where the idea of setting up this shop came from.

Our values

Scandiscapes is firmly rooted in the belief that in order to relate to the living things on our planet, we should surround ourselves with them. We also believe that this should not be done at the cost of human values of sustainability and ethics and therefore we always give preference to suppliers who use sustainable methodologies in production and in their supply chains.

We are starting slowly but keep adding new products very frequently as we gear up for a full launch so do keep an eye onour social media for new additions or sign up to our newsletter for updates!

The founder

Having consulted on customer experience and usability for many retail brands, it seemed to make sense for me to be the one to set up the shop. 

I live in London with my two small boys and am attempting to create an indoor jungle with an extension outside on my balcony.

I’m a firm believer in biophilia and feel that humans and plants benefit from each others' company. There is no reason why plants should not share in our surroundings and I’ve been growing green things since planting the very first potato when I was six years old.

My long-term goal in life is to put a farm on every rooftop.

Blonde woman in a grey top and sunglasses with a blonde baby on her back in a grey wrap on a sunny day Hand holding a posy of summer flowers on a rooftop garden