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Hi, I'm Merje

(That's pronounced "merrier")

I started Scandiscapes in 2018 as a bit of a fun project on the side. And then life happened.

I won't go into detail but 2019 wasn't a good year for my mental health so I decided to step away from the shop I'd come to love and focus on healing.

Little did I know that in the middle of the first lockdown in 2020, with time on my hands and a growing desire to er.. grow, I would be back with a clearer set of values and a desire to bring the healing virtues of plants and calm, nature-connected design to others.

Beautiful and sustainable

Scandiscapes is firmly rooted in the belief that in order to relate to the living things on our planet, we should surround ourselves with them.

I also believe that this should not be done at the cost of human values of sustainability and ethics. This means that all our products are chosen for their eco credentials as well as their aesthetics and all of the materials we use for packaging can be composted or recycled with ease.

Unique pieces for your home

The best part about running a small online shop is being able to work with designer-makers who are creating some truly amazing products. I'm always on the lookout for exceptional design - why not have a look at who I've found so far.

Let's grow together

Bringing calm and beauty to homes is not exactly a small task so I am creating an environmentally-conscious community of plant lovers, ecology experts and horticultural specialist. Gathering to thrive and uplift each other while pursuing our plant passions. Interested?