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Sansevieria cylindrica in medium concrete planter
Sansevieria cylindrica
Sansevieria cylindrica top
Sansevieria cylindrica in terracotta planter
Sansevieria cylindrica in dipped planter

Sansevieria cylindrica

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Ok, this one is totally indestructible. In fact if you manage to kill one despite intending to keep it alive, I'll be needing to know and document this! I've kept one alive (and thriving!) in a near-dark bathroom for well over a year. 

These are happiest in indirect bright light but will put up with almost any light conditions (obviously complete darkness won't work for long!) and need very little water. Try not to get any on their spears when you give it a drink and you should be just fine.

They look really nice with our ombre dipped hanging planter but their true love match is the medium aged terracotta planter.

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Live plant in houseplant soil in a plastic pot
Length of the plants varies but is about 40 cm. The pot diameter is 12 cm

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