Fiddle leaf fig 'Bambino"

Who wouldnt want a little fiddler on the roof? Weve been chasing these babes for ages and when we finally got our hands on these leaves of perfection there might have been some happy dancing and jumping involved.

These stylish little things (ficus lyrata "Bambino") are definitely having a moment and are making stylish homes for stylish people look even more stylish. Scandis love them, we adore them and a simple yet perfect dark grey planter make them totally irresistible.


As per usual, much love and attention can bring out the diva in everyone. These guys are probably the neediest out of all our plants. The soil should be wet but not soggy, it craves light but not too much and demands to be fed. They will repay you a thousand times though, so keep the care card close to your heart.


    • Live plant in houseplant soil in a plastic pot
    • Height of the plants varies but is no less than 30 cm.
    • The pot diameter is 13 cm