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Calathea Ornata Sanderiana

So the first time we saw these we actually gasped and tried to run away with them...

The pink lines look like theyve been painted by hand onto the dark leaves, which makes this plant breathtakingly beautiful. It can easily steal the show and deserves to be treated like the star it is. Itll look beautiful on your dinner table, a side table or on a pedestal (where it truly belongs).

Keep it in the limelight but stay away from direct sunlight that can harm its pretty leaves. It likes it warm and tropical and always appreciates a good misting.


  • Live plant in houseplant soil in a plastic pot
  • Height of the plants varies but is no less than 45 cm.
  • The pot diameter is 12 cm

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Our selection of beautiful and sustainably produced planters will show off your gorgeous new plant to it's full potential.

Monstera deliciosa

Look after me

Water, air, food and sunlight is what plants need to survive - just like us humans. Unlike us, they can't tell you what they need and when but fret not, each plant comes with a beautiful keepsake care card giving you all the information you need to look after your new addition.