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Cast-iron plant
Cast-iron plant detail
Cast-iron plant detail
Cast-iron plant in straight pot
Cast-iron plant in large terracotta pot

Cast-iron plant (aspidistra elatior)

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This plant is practically nuclear explosion resistant it loves shade, doesnt mind dust, handles both soggy soil and droughts and doesnt care about fluctuating temperatures. We wouldnt be surprised if this plant becomes the last living thing on earth.

We even googled how to kill a cast-iron plantand cutting off the stems wont necessarily do the trick. Heavily overwatering every day for a month might though.

Besides being practically unkillable it's also lush and lovely, bringing that perfect minimalist Scandi feel we all love and adore anywhere you place it. Especially in the large terracotta pot – yum. As always, this plant comes with a care card. Not too much to read on it but the illustration is fab.


All orders containing live plants will be fulfilled on Thursdays with next day delivery in mainland UK, meaning your plants will arrive on Friday. 

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