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Calathea Musaica "Network" in light grey Era pot
Calathea Musaica "Network" top
Calathea Musaica "Network" leaf texture
Calathea Musaica "Network" in large aged terracotta pot
Calathea Musaica "Network" in large aged terracotta pot

Calathea Network

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You might think these patterns came straight from a ridiculously expensive Danish designer, but no it’s all mother nature.

Where do we even begin? Is there anywhere it won’t look great? We’re thinking untreated wood shelves or pedestals, all shades of grey, next to a white table or a lovely linen cloth – mmm we could go on forever.

For an extra wow effect, place it in one of our terracotta pots or grey planters to make that gorgeous pattern standout.

This star enjoys being the centre of attention in bright lights but preferably not direct sunlight. Keep it warm, keep it (dare we say) moist (why not use the mister) and read the instructions on the care card.

  • Dimensions: height approximately 45cm (including plastic pot), pot diameter is 14 cm


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