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Cutout image of the medium aged terracotta pot
Closeup of the aged terracotta texture of the planter
ZZ plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) in medium terracotta pot
Young monstera deliciosa plant in medium terracotta planter
Three terracotta pots with plants
Image of the aged terracotta planters with plants arranged around a wooden bench with a wooden backdrop

Medium aged terracotta pot

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These terracotta pots are just delicious! There is something utterly magical about the combination of the weathered terracotta look when combined with the fresh greenery or a houseplant - a faded glory type feel which makes us slightly melancholic.

We've tried these with cacti, boston ferns, peace lilies... There isn't a plant they don't work with.

Slightly smaller than the largest one of these, this planter will be great for showing off a handsome houseplant and would look lovely on its own though we believe these are most impactful when clustered together in different sizes.

 Materials Terracotta
D 14.5cm x H 13cm


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