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Style Lane article on how to care for houseplants

  • 2 min read

I recently had a chat with the lovely folks of The Style Lane on how to look after your houseplants. It went a bit like this:

HOME STYLE TIPS: How To Care For Houseplants

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Houseplants are the secret ingredient to making your home look Instagram-worthy and feel full of life. Merje Shaw, founder of Scandiscapes - a new dedicated online platform for Scandi design lovers seeking to reconnect with nature through stylish biophilic decor products - gives her top tips on how to look after houseplants…

Monstera deliciosa plant next to a bed

K N O W  Y O U R   P L A N T

Research the needs of your new family member, as each plant is different. First of all, make sure you think carefully about where you put your plant. Most succulents, for example, like to be near a bright window and thrive in a warm environment (18 °C or higher). Other houseplants may like being in a bright room, but not like direct sunlight.

Ensure you know how much you need to water the plant - it may be as much as once a week to as little as once a month. A top tip is being careful not to overwater your plant, as this can be fatal - remember, less is more when it comes to watering most plants. Instead, water them thoroughly and then let excess water drain away so you don't accidently leave the plant with a soggy bottom. Scandiscapes lets customers know exactly how to keep their plant healthy and happy through step-by-step guidance, so even newbie plant parents will know how to care for their plant. For more advice on watering your plant, see here.