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Quick tip for watering your plants

  • 1 min read
Image of rubber tree leaves with text "How to water your plants"

According to some heavy-lifting plant experts, the main reason who houseplants die is because they haven't been watered correctly so I thought I'd share a few tips that have come to me through years of trial and error.

The easiest rule to keep in mind is this one: put your finger in the soil before you water:

  • if the soil is moist, don't water
  • if the soil feels dry - give it a drink

Can't get much simpler, can you?

There are some plants that don't want much water at all. Most cacti you can leave without H2O from October to April and they will tick along nicely. 

Succulents DO want water just not very often. The climate they come from has monsoons every few months so when you're looking after your succulent friends, give them a really good soaking every couple of months but make sure all the water drains out before you put them back in their pots!

Jungle plants like, monsteras and peace lilies, love a bit of humidity but the rule of thumb still works - if the soil is humid, don't water. You would do well to give these plants a daily misting with a plant mister instead and they will love you for it.

Nevertheless, all of these plants will reward you for sticking your finger in!