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Nine ways to display plants when you run out of space

  • 4 min read

If your fingers are increasingly green but you keep running out of places to put plants, you need to read this. As I'm currently running the shop from my house, I know this pain all too well so started looking around for ways to store all the plants without turning my home into a soulless warehouse. Here are some of the best ideas I found.

If you can drill

Not everyone can drill holes in their home but for the lucky ones among us who can, here are some ideas.

1.  Use stylish coat hooks to create a display

This is actually something I chanced upon at home when trying to find where to put the hanging string of pearls and hung them on the Jysk coat hooks in the hallway.

Senecio rowleyanus hanging from Jysk coat hooks

Senecio rowleyanus hanging from coat hooks in my hallway

Turns out I wasn't the only one who had this idea. There's a brilliant article from Heather Young on Growing Spaces which shows you exactly how to set up this glorious display.

Planters hanging from hooks on wall

Image from Growing Spaces

Here's another way of using coat hooks for plant styling from @katiehome20 - it looks amazing and you can swap your display around very easily.

Coat hooks as plant display
Katie uses a coat rack for displaying her plants

2.  Screw hooks into walls

A kind of lo-fi version of the previous one, this one involves simply screwing hooks into the wall where you want your pretty plants to take center stage.

Plants hanging on a bedroom wall

Photo of a beautiful bedroom plant display from bohotribex

Sarah from @homeandhaus uses hooks in her kitchen to create a beautiful window display.

Kitchen plant display

A gorgeous kitchen nook full of plants

 3.  Stick a ladder on your ceiling. No, really.

@Katiehome20 has created an amazing display in her kitchen by convincing her other half to attach a ladder to the ceiling. It's attached with plugs, closed hooks and heavy duty rope.

Ladder hanging from a ceiling, covered in plants

Katie hung a ladder on her kitchen ceiling to display her plants

Another Katie, this time from Come down to the woods, has done the same and it looks amazing. 

Bathroom with a ladder on the ceiling covered in plants

Image from @comedowntothewoods

 4. Use a curtain rail to create a room divider

A clever idea from Apartment therapy is to use a plain Ikea curtain rail on the ceiling to create a room divider of greenery.

Photo from Apartment Therapy

Plants make a beautiful room divider.

If you can't drill

Quite a few of us live in rented places where we're not allowed to drill into the walls. Here's a few ideas to play with.

5.  Tension rods are your friends

Surprisingly good at bearing weight, tension rods (the kind you'd use for a shower curtain) work really well for creating plant displays in alcoves, doorways and in front of windows. Anywhere where you have two solid, flat surfaces, really.

Hoya linearis hanging from a tension rod

Tension rod in my hallway with a ton of hoya linearis

@katiehome20 cleverly hangs her plants from an existing curtain rod. 

Plants hanging from a curtain rail

Curtain rods are not just for curtains 

6.  S-hooks have to be the best invention EVER

I'm using S-hooks to hang plants from absolutely everything - including my shower. (Do excuse the sorry state of the plant - I rescue the ones that get sad before they find new homes.)

Monstera adansonii in a hanging planter in a bathroom

The monstera adansonii loves the humidity of a bathroom

Jenny from @plantbabystudio uses S-hooks to hang plants from shelves which I think is absolutely epic.

Plant display with a shelf

Double up the plant storage of a shelf with s-hooks

7.  Clothes rails make epic plant stands

I've used clothes rails for this purpose before during pop-up shops and they make a stunning statement. Just cover in pretty like this stunning example from First Thyme Mom

Plants hanging from a clothes rail

The variety of pots, hangers and plant stands make this visually interesting.

 I can't find who to credit for this picture but we can all appreciate what a great idea it is to put a teeny bit more effort into a clothes rail to turn it into a climbing plant paradise.

Plant display in a bedroom

This looks so dreamy, I'm not sure I'd ever get out of bed

8.  A movable display

This is one of those ideas that seems so obvious once someone's shown it to you. The simplicity of using an Ikea Raskog trolley to display plants is so striking and as a bonus, you can find the optimum conditions for your plants simply by wheeling them to it!

Ikea Raskog trolley filled with plants

How clever is Brianna from Decor Lovin

9.  Get bendy with wire

This one works really well with air plants. The spanish moss already comes with metal hooks so it's super easy to hang in the shower. (Quick tip - take them out when you're in the shower as they will not appreciate the shampoo and conditioner, no matter how much they look like hair.)

Spanish moss and air plants in the shower

Air plants love the humidity of water but not the products we use

I had some bendy aluminium wire left over from a previous product so when I was looking for a way to display the air plantsso they don't sit in water and still look nice, it seemed obvious to make a sort of hanger out of it.

Air plant close up

Air plants are displayed on an aluminium wire 

I also keep my boston fern in the shower when I'm not using it in the hopes that I will finally manage to keep one of these alive for more than two weeks. My track record isn't great here so my commitment to this beauty is pretty low for the moment.

Boston fern in the shower

It's doing ok so far - three weeks in 

I hope these help you - I really enjoyed putting these ideas together. And remember, if all else fails, you can just convince your child to become a moving plant stand like Sarah did with her daughter and the philodendron micans.

Girl holding a philodendron micans