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Getting started with your string of pearls

  • 1 min read
Image of senecio rowleyanus with text "getting started with your string of pearls plant"

These little rows of peas are always met with fascination when people first come across them. Whether you got one recently or have has one for a while, hopefully these tips will help you get started taking care of your string of pearls (senecio rowleyanus) plant.

Where to put it

Hopefully you’ll have found the perfect place for it but if you’re still moving the plant around the house umming and ahhing, keep in mind that the string of pearls :

  • is like many of its succulent buddies and really appreciates a bright window, especially south-facing
  • likes to be warm and thrive in temperatures of 18C or higher
  • does not like drafts

When to water it

String of pearls are not needy plants and need watering infrequently, maybe once or twice a month. Yes you are reading this right! In fact, during the winter months, you can water even less frequently.

When you do give them a drink, make sure they are watered thoroughly and then let all excess water drain off so you don't accidentally leave it with a soggy bottom and cause root rot. Let the compost dry completely before watering again.

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