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Getting started with your string of hearts

  • 1 min read
Getting started with your ceropegia
This African beauty is a graceful addition to any home and these tips will help you get started in looking after the ceropegia woodii plant.

Where to put it

Hopefully you'll have found the perfect spot, but if you're still moving the plant around the house umming and aahing, bear in mind the following:

  • String of hearts need light. lots of light, so find a bright spot for this beauty to trail down from - they absolutely love direct sun
  • Without bright direct light, the leaves will become sparse and the plant will start looking quite unhappy so you'll know to move it
  • These guys are happy at normal room temperature but, being African plants, they will not appreciate being near cold, draughty windows in the winter

When to water it

These guys seem to fall into the succulents category so don't require much water at all though still more than the "proper" succs. Check the soil to ensure it's mostly dry before you water again. Always remember to allow the water to drain out and get rid of any excess as it won't thank you for wet feet. 

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