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Getting started with your monstera

  • 1 min read
Monstera deliciosa leaves with "Getting started with your monstera"
Whether you have just bought a new Swiss Cheese plant or have had one for ages, these tips will help you look after it properly from now on  so let's get started.

Where to put it

Hopefully you'll have found the perfect spot, but if you're still moving the plant around the house umming and aahing, bear in mind the following:

  • Monsteras need support as they grow, whether from a moss pole in the pot or something to clamber up
  • They need bright light but not direct sunlight as that can make the leaves go all kinds of wrong
  • As jungle plants, they love humidity so keep them away from radiators as they intensely dislike dry air
  • They like to be warm and thrive in temperatures of 18ºC or higher

When to water it

Watering Monsteras is pretty straightforward though sadly not a time-bound activity. To know when your plant is thirsty, poke your finger into the soil in the pot: if it’s moist, don't water; if it’s dry, give it a drink. Just make sure not to give it too much as these plants hate sitting in water (stinky rotting roots are no fun for anyone).

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